You’ll Get It Again!

January 16, 2012 at 9:04 pm 2 comments

Will eat for food

Like There’s No Tomorrow

I love food. I mean, really love it. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be in the predicament I am in now if that weren’t the case. But even when I reach my goal weight I don’t think the love of having something delicious in my mouth is going to change. It is just a pleasure in my life, and I will have to learn to work around it. I know many of you with the same love as me are thinking, “Sure. Easier said then done, there, Miss Skinnygirl.” And believe me; I know. But I have found some ways to balance it out.

I Will Get It Again

One trick (if you can call using logic a trick) that I use with whatever incomparably marvelous morsel I am coveting at any given moment is to tell myself that I will eat it again. How many times have you eaten something like it was the last time Earth would ever serve it? And the embarrassing truth is that at times when I ate like that food was going out of style I would end up eating that same thing again within the week….and eating the same way. How crazy! No wonder I gained so much weight. Every meal was the “last meal” mentality. Early on, when I was still just in the “eating less” phase of my diet, I used this trick quite a bit. I could feel myself getting that frenzied attitude, subconsciously eating faster to spite my turncoat body who was subtly telling me that I was getting full when I had no intention to stop eating this delicious whatever-it-was. When I felt the frenzy coming on, I would stop and give myself a little talk, something like, “What are you doing? You will get a chance to eat this again. Of course you will! Okay, you can keep eating now if you really want to (letting that crazy voice in my head feel like it has a choice seems to work for me, I’ve found) but wouldn’t it be so much better just to save it for later? Hmm?” Usually that does it. My crazy voice realizes the utter logic of the statement and concedes. I calmly put the food down and go about my life.

I Will Get It Again…Life Advice

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I was walking with a friend last night and we were discussing all things healthy. I gave her my “I will have it again” tip. But she took it further. According to her, that tip should be used for more than just conquering your muffin top. How many other places will this reminder work? When I need to do the dishes but am really tired. I will get another break. When I want to be annoyed that the t.v show I have waited to see all week isn’t on (yes, that actually annoys me.) It will come on again. I know I should cook dinner but I’m at a really good place in my book. I will get another chance to read. It also will make you more thoughtful of others. I want Chili’s but my husband wants Chinese…again. I will get another chance to eat at Chili’s. My neighbor needs help moving but this is my day off. I will have other off days. This charity looks like it is doing a lot of good, but I really want that new dress. I will get another chance to get the new dress. And so on. The “get it again” trick can evolve into an entire way of life. It can make you more of a person (while simultaneously making you less of a person, physically.) We just have to realize that life isn’t entirely about this moment right now. Life is a collection of moments. Sometimes denying ourselves now to save up for the future will help us to be better people overall. Next time you want something right now, ask yourself, “Do I really need this now? Or can I wait till next time?”


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  • 1. Deborah (Schmiet)  |  January 18, 2012 at 12:53 am

    I need to take the ‘I’ll get it again’ on board in terms of food. SO often I overeat certain foods, or keep eating past full, or buy huge amounts as if it’s the last time I’ll be allowed to have it. (The dieting mentally perhaps.)

    I try to tell myself I can put it away and have some later, or that I can buy more if I need it etc, but it often doesn’t work.

    It’s something I seriously need to work harder on!


    • 2. skinnygirlrobbins  |  January 19, 2012 at 7:51 am

      Even now I still slip back into that sometimes. I think we could all stand to do better in this area.


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