Impassioned Soul

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Mumford & Sons

I have begun a new love affair with the band Mumford & Sons. Seriously, I just heard about them. And of course everyone I talk to about them is like, “Oh, yeah. They’re awesome,” in a I’ve-like-them-for-ages kind of way. I’m thinking, “Where have I been?!” But, better late than never, I say, so I have jumped wholeheartedly on the Mumford train. One thing I love about their songs is that I feel so inspired to be a better person when I am listening to them. There is one that is especially getting me right now: “Roll Away Your Stone.” It is all about reclaiming your passion for life. I know, passion is  heady subject for a Monday, but bear with me.

One of the verses says, “…you told me I would find a hole within the fragile stubstance of my soul, and I have filled this void with things unreal, and all the while my character it steals.” I know that many times, I was using food to try to make up for the fact that I didn’t have any passion in my life. It was something that would ease the grueling nature of the utter sameness of my life. And not just food. Giving myself over to the daily grind of everyday life, I needed to use televsion, food, books, etc. to help ease the numbness. But what did they bring me? Yes, with televsion I could momentarily escape my life into the life of someone who was living passionately. But when the credits were rolling what exactly did I have left? And food might provide a sort of temporary catharsis, but eventually it is gone, too. (Probably one of the reasons the weight kept rising; I had to keep eating to get the feelings.) So these things that we try to use to replace a passionate life are really bringing us down. They are making us less than we really should be. And instead of endeavoring with our whole beings to be people of character, people who follow their goals and stand for what they believe in with their whole hearts, we are allowing substitutes to lead us down into the bowels of mediocrity. Sure, it’s easier, but living a life without passion most certainly isn’t better.

The brigde is what really get my blood going. He sings, “Stars, hide your fires; these are my desires. I won’t give them up to you this time around, and so I’ll be found with my stake stuck in this ground marking the territory of this newly impassiPassion Flower Petalsoned soul.” We have to decide to take back our souls. We can’t give them up in exchange for simplicity. And we can’t look at the cards Fate has dealt us, claim a bad hand, and fold. I know sometimes it is easy to look at those bad breaks that you’ve gotten from life, whether it is a poor relationship with your father, the “fat gene,” or a thumb that is so not green that it can even kill money. But you can’t let that claim your life. Find something that moves you, something that you could follow passionately and do it. Reclaim your soul! Don’t settle for the taste of a cheeseburger as a fair exchange for an impassioned life. It just isn’t a fair trade. There is something out there for you to live for, something that is beyond simply existing. Refuse to give in to the desire to use whatever vise often enough that you stop hearing that voice inside that tells you to be passionate. Put down your cookie and listen to it! Let it yell and scream! And when it’s done chewing you out for wasting this much time, dust yourself off and go live you life…passionately.


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