The Frenzy

January 7, 2012 at 9:56 pm 2 comments

Here I am. Well, almost. I am five little bitty pounds away from healthy. To have lived so many years thinking that I would only ever be the chubby girl, and now to be here, on the very cusp of what I have worked so hard to achieve. Being this close to my goal has made the frenzy set in. Have you experienced the frenzy? No, it’s not like the rage (28 Days Later, anyone?) It is where you have this idea of something you want to accomplish and you

28 Days Laterthrow your whole self into it. Family gets neglected, work gets neglected (unless those are the focus of your frenzy, of course.) You can think of nothing except that thing that you have to finish. For example,I have been walking religiously at night. Strengthening exercises come at 5:00 in the morning whether I feel like it or not. Every morsel of food that finds its way over my lips is agonized over calorie by calorie, as if at any second some piece of bread could be the one that magically makes me gain 10 lbs in a day.

Don’t get me wrong. Perseverance is great. In fact, I’m a big fan. I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have without perseverance, and neither will you. But my perseverance had moved a bit over the line, where it had graduated to crazy. I didn’t notice it until last night. I had just finished my first week back to school from Christmas break. It seems like a two-week break would leave me refreshed and ready to mold young minds with a renewed passion, but really it just left me thinking that two weeks wasn’t quite long enough. I was exhausted. I was letting my two-year-old son play before bed, and it was all I could do sitting on the couch to keep my eyes open. But I was still going out walking that night, by god! It didn’t matter how tired I was, I’m just a few pounds from healthy. As I sat there on the couch, trying my very best to keep my fluttering eyes from closing and assuring my son for the tenth time that I, in fact, did not want to play basketball with him, all the while thinking about (dreading) working out before I could fall into the blessed arms of sleep, it hit me. Why did I have to go out tonight? Yes, I have a goal, and yes, I want to accomplish it sooner rather than later, but, what was so wrong with taking a night off to rest. The answer: absolutely nothing.

In fact, it was probably healthy for me to take last night off. I really was tired enough that my body (which I agree needs exercise and healthy food) really needed sleep and rest. My demanding that I had to go out just because I need the exercise and “I am so close!” was going a little over the top. In my frenzy to get to my healthy weight as fast as possible, I had forgotten the one thing I decided was going to be a rule when I started: moderation is king. Without moderation, I can experience burn-out quickly. If I am going to lose 20 lbs then gain it all back because I was burnt out, what have I accomplished? With moderation,  I make changes slowly so that I can learn how to stick with them. The frenzy that I experienced was a road leading me straight to Burnout-sville. That is the last thing I need.

In your quest to lose weight and be healthy, make moderation your key also. Be dedicated, but not in the frenzied way. Don’t be afraid to take the night off (as long as it’s not every night.) Remember that this is not a sprint; you are in this for life. The weight loss will come. “Healthy” will come. And when you reach it you will be psyched and ready for the next step.


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  • 1. rockafellaskank  |  January 8, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    I’ve been writing and thinking about the Moderation thing myself recently – given that I’m prone to obsessing etc.

    Wow, congratulations that you are so close to your goal. I think sustainability is the key now!

    Well done!

    • 2. skinnygirlrobbins  |  January 9, 2012 at 9:15 am

      Thank you! And, yes, I need to (continue) thinking about what will keep me healthy in the long run.


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