To Post or Not To Post

December 31, 2011 at 3:44 pm 1 comment

I have really been wanting to write a new post every day, being a good little blogger and all that. With the amazingly crazy things that have been going on in my life (I won’t bore you with the details, but you can imagine the chaos that can ensue after one’s husband falls 30 ft…) I missed more than a week. So I got back on here a couple of days ago (after a fierce talking to I had to give myself) to write another blog, promising myself that I would do at least five in a row before I decided to take another break. But yesterday it seemed that one thing after another came up until, last night I was faced with a choice: exercise or blog. I put a lot of thought into it. On one hand, I did promise myself that I was going to be better at blogging. I made it pretty clear to myself that crapping out was not an option. On the other hand, the night was waning and it was my last chance to go.

Based on the lack of a post from yesterday, I think my final decision is obvious.fifty-two : no more excuses left

And I don’t regret that decision. (After all, it did inspire a new post idea.) I have to think back to the reason that I started this blog in the first place. When I started losing weight this time, I knew early on that I didn’t just want to get thin so I could look hot in a two-piece; I wanted to throw off my addiction to food and help others do the same. This blog happens to be one step in my dream of helping others get free from addiction. At first glance, that would seem like a good excuse for blogging instead of exercising. But, actually, it is a reason to do the latter. The decisions I make in this moment of my life will decide what kind of influence I will have in the future. If I start making bad decisions, I could lose all the ground I have gained. Possibly I would go right back to where I started from. And who is going to listen to someone talk about being healthy and free from a food addiction if said someone is 250+ lbs? No one. Now, possibly putting off exercise one time won’t lead to an out of control spiral where I end up eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s each night and losing all self-respect and credibility I might have had. Then again, there will always be some new excuse if I start making them. And if I can’t make good decisions now for myself, how will I urge others to do the same?

The thing is, whether it is now in this blog, or later speaking to people in a crowd or personally, or in a book, or however I might end living my dream of helping others, I can tell them about last night. I can assure them that I had a very good excuse to stay indoors instead of heading out all bundled up on a cool December evening to walk three miles. Well heck, it wasn’t even a selfish excuse. We are talking community service here; the good of humanity! But I can assure them (and you, too,

kind reader) that your health has to take a precedence in your life. By going out for a walk last night, I could have very well ensured that I will be around for one more year, loving my family, fulfilling my dream of helping people. We can’t let those little excuses get in the way of our BIG victory! Nothing, not even the most important cause, is worth enough for you to give up on yourself.

What excuses have you used?

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  • 1. rockafellaskank  |  January 2, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Great post and I’m glad you went on the walk. I never regret doing exercise and wish I could remember the feeling that I get after at those times I’m suffering from motivational problems!

    As for excuses… I have many. Too tired. Other priorities. Will make up for it tomorrow. etc etc!



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