Fear of Jogging…Conquered

December 18, 2011 at 8:05 pm 3 comments

The Runner.

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I knew that I wouldn’t get to walk my usual three miles tonight, so I jogged a little just to supplement what I was going to miss. Now, if any of you have doubted my freedom from the power of food over my life, this should be proof that I am definitely free. I am willing to let all 158 lbs of myself do things that God never intended…things…to do in order to be healthy. I know that seems funny, but it’s really true. Before, I would never dream of jogging. Someone might…gulp…SEE ME! I mean, right now there isn’t anyone walking down the road, but actions like this seem to draw attractive guys like flies to honey. Is this what I really want to be doing when Brad Pitt’s twin brother drives by? Seriously, it’s kind of a terrifying thought. But since I was freed, once and for all, from this silly addiction, my thoughts have been different. Instead of thinking, “What if someone sees me?” my thoughts became, “What good could this do for me?”

Both questions are techniqually selfish, I will admit, but the first one is selfish with a giant dollop of pathetic thrown in. It says, “I care about what people think of me more than I care about my overall health.” It shows just how far this addiction truly goes. It doesn’t stop short at making you (yes, making you) finish that large bag of chips that was only half empty to begin with. It also causes you to sabotage yourself when you could be doing something good. “Look how disgusting you are,” it says. “Only skinny people run. Don’t think you can do that.” And you listen. After all, that voice has been there how long? Well, let’s just say you would have to think  back an awfully long time to try to remember NOT hearing it. So, you continue one more day in the land of mediocrity.

The second thought, while still admittedly focusing on numero uno, tendrils out into the rest of your life. Yes, exercising to my full potential will help me. It will make me healthier, more disciplined, and (sure, I admit it) hotter. But it also makes me a better wife and mother. I know have more energy to be fully present with my family. Not to mention the fact that it will probably help me live longer. And that is just the people I have immediate contact with. I could go on to jobs and ministries I’m involved in.

So a little decision to not worry about what it looks like when I am jiggling down the road not only makes me healthier but makes me better able to love the people I am around. That is a pretty good deal. So I say, jiggle on. Make it good. You’re worth it.

What fears stop you from being the best you could be?


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  • 1. rockafellaskank  |  December 18, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    Great post. I am far far far too embarrassed to run in public. I’d started a ‘learn to run’ (C25k) program at my gym on the treadmill where I felt less self-conscious but as soon as it starts to get ‘hard’ I quit.

    I think I’m more self-conscious about people realising how unfit I am than what I look like… so I’d feel shame at people seeing me run 50m before I had to stop, rather than being to wobbly or jiggly!


  • 2. Jean  |  December 29, 2011 at 11:01 am

    Same hang-ups probably for many people that prevent them from cycling.

    Great that you jog. If you get bored by it, there is cycling since runners sometimes get sidelined by injuries/damaged knees.

    I’m a cyclist (returned 20 yrs. ago to it @32 yrs.) and know that it has contributed a great deal to my overall health..plus my diet…which latter is abit casual but focued on non-processed foods, etc.

    • 3. skinnygirlrobbins  |  December 29, 2011 at 6:07 pm

      I’m sure that is so true. Anyone can get hung up on appearances no matter what sport it is. I’m glad that you have found a healthy method of exercise that works for you and that you aren’t afraid to do it. If I ever want to check out another sport, I will definitely keep your comments in mind!


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