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To Post or Not To Post

I have really been wanting to write a new post every day, being a good little blogger and all that. With the amazingly crazy things that have been going on in my life (I won’t bore you with the details, but you can imagine the chaos that can ensue after one’s husband falls 30 ft…) I missed more than a week. So I got back on here a couple of days ago (after a fierce talking to I had to give myself) to write another blog, promising myself that I would do at least five in a row before I decided to take another break. But yesterday it seemed that one thing after another came up until, last night I was faced with a choice: exercise or blog. I put a lot of thought into it. On one hand, I did promise myself that I was going to be better at blogging. I made it pretty clear to myself that crapping out was not an option. On the other hand, the night was waning and it was my last chance to go.

Based on the lack of a post from yesterday, I think my final decision is obvious.fifty-two : no more excuses left (more…)


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With New Year’s Eve coming up, let me offer you a very plausible scenario: You are at your office party. This is a good night. All those uptight, butt-kissing coworkers of yours have loosened up just a little bit. Your boss has had a few drinks already, so he doesn’t notice that everyone finds his jokes just as crappy now as they always have. Actually, with the drinks you have chosen to imbibe so far, you are feeling pretty good right now, too. And though the night wanes, you wax more and more…exuberant. The next thing you know, the alarm rings and you wake up in your bed. How did you come to be there? you wonder. In fact, you wonder about many things that might have happened last night. You remember laughing…a lot, and you are pretty sure your clothes stayed on all night, so that’s a plus. Now, here’s the question (and I will make it multiple choice so it will be easier:) How should you look at last night’s journey into wanton debauchery? A) Wow, that was a little extreme. It probably wasn’t the best choice I’ve ever made in my life, but, hey, it happened, so I need to accept it and move on…and hopefully be prepared to laugh a little at myself when my co-workers bring up my rendition of “I Will Survive” that I performed while dancing on the table. OR B) I can’t believe I did that! How could I just throw away everything I worked for? Well, since I already did it I guess the only logical thing I can do now is to go to work drunk for the rest of my life.”Nacho Cheesier flavor Doritos (more…)

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I reached a mile-stone in my weight-loss progress. It isn’t my final goal, but it is still a very big deal for me. First, some background. In my married life, I have dieted (for lack of a better word) three times: once after I was first married, once right after I had my son a couple of years ago, and, of course, this latest and final time. The time after I had my son I lost less than 20 lbs in all before gaining it all back. When I dieted the first time, I did better, losing 21 lbs in all and getting down to a weight of 159 lbs, my lowest of my married life…until now.  (more…)

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Fear of Jogging…Conquered

The Runner.

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I knew that I wouldn’t get to walk my usual three miles tonight, so I jogged a little just to supplement what I was going to miss. Now, if any of you have doubted my freedom from the power of food over my life, this should be proof that I am definitely free. I am willing to let all 158 lbs of myself do things that God never intended…things…to do in order to be healthy. I know that seems funny, but it’s really true. Before, I would never dream of jogging. Someone might…gulp…SEE ME! (more…)

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Baby Steps

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There is one thing that really bugs me. Okay, there are actually more than that, but for this blog I will just talk about the one. The others aren’t really pertinent. It frustrates me to no end is those people (you know who I’m talking about) that basically live at the gym, getting “swoll.” They eat all-natural, gluten-free, whole-food good-for-you stuff…only. They look like they just stepped down from Mount Olympus, and most of the time they act like they are doing us a favor of bringing their god-like presense down to Earth to grace us mortals with their divine healthiness. When people talk about any kind of diet or exercise program they are doing, they say something like, “You’re not going to get reseults like that! If you are only going to (eat less/exercise twice a week/cardio only) you might as well not even do it!” (more…)

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Party Day

Yesterday was the last day of work before we break for Christmas, so naturally all day in my classes (I brave the trenches to teach, gulp, 8th graders!) we partied. And boy, did I ever eat. Two kids brought pizza for their class, most brought some sort of sweet cookie/cake type thing. One boy even made these delicious chocolate balls with powdered sugar on top (his mom told him he did it wrong, but I think she should change her recipe.) And then, at lunch, our cafeteria served its famous Christmas dinner. So, I threw some of that on the pile of calories I was wracking up. (more…)

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Small Victories

I love to celebrMountains - Klondike Highwayate the small victories. Not in some Christmas-special, I-know-what’s-truly-important-now kind of way. I celebrate the small victories because I know that if I didn’t, the failure would overtake me. It seems like the failure is much easier to see than the success. It’s like looking at a huge mountain you have climb. You should have been at the top already (hence the failure), but you know you have to keep going. So you keep trudging on, working as hard as you possibly can, tiring after only a few feet. You see the top, where you’re supposed to be. And that’s all you can see. You don’t look see how far you’ve come, because all you can think is, Holy jeez, it still looks just as high! I’m never going to make it. All you see is what is still left to do. I look in the mirror today and, to me, the girl looking back looks just like she did pre-weightloss. Those thighs are still so thundery. Belly still too full of jelly. So I think, Surely nothing has changed. This is the image I remember from then. Can it be different? It can get very discouraging quickly. (more…)

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