When the Scale Stops Moving



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A Celebration and a Promise

It was actually very anticlimactic. I got on the scale today and saw THE NUMBER. The one I have been waiting for the past seven months. I have a weight recorder on my phone with which I have been keeping up with my progress since I started on this weight-loss journey. When I record my weight, it tells me my BMI. Then it tells me where I am in terms of health. For example when I first started it said, “31.3…obese.” Eek! I did not like seeing the “o” word. Then I got down to “29.7…overweight.” Okay, that is slightly better. I can say “overweight” without feeling like an utter failure. Still, I wanted so badly to see “29.5…healthy.” I imagined the day. I saw myself jumping up and down, squealing in delight as I looked at the brightly shining scale. Maybe I would cry as I told my husband that I had finally reached my goal. Definitely I would walk on Cloud Nine all day. The air would smell sweeter and angels would sing in the heavenlies. Not so much. (more…)

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Plus Size

There was a very interesting article today that created quite a stir, it seems. ABC News and Fox News in particular had articles commenting on an article Plus Model Magazine did over plus-size models. Apparently, unlike a few years ago, plus size models now range from American size 6 to size 14 (UK sizes 8-16) with the regular models being at sizes (and more importantly, weights) that put them within the category for anorexia. I think it was the comments that really piqued my interest. It is obviously a subject that many feel passionately about. Some were gushing over the article, talking about how hard it is for larger women to be able to have any self-confidence if those who are considered “plus size” are actually what many would consider average, and the average are…quite slender (think “bean-pole”). Others were upset about the article because they felt it suggested we should sign off an okay and endorse obesity. Catering so much to the plus-size girls is saying that it is okay to be unhealthy. Both sides, as I’m sure you can imagine, said it much more colorfully than that, but that was the gist of either sides’ argument (straight-up cat fight might be more appropriate.) But which side is right? In my humble opinion…neither. (more…)

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You’ll Get It Again!

Will eat for food

Like There’s No Tomorrow

I love food. I mean, really love it. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be in the predicament I am in now if that weren’t the case. But even when I reach my goal weight I don’t think the love of having something delicious in my mouth is going to change. It is just a pleasure in my life, and I will have to learn to work around it. I know many of you with the same love as me are thinking, “Sure. Easier said then done, there, Miss Skinnygirl.” And believe me; I know. But I have found some ways to balance it out.


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Sustainability: Making Your Resolution Stick

Broken promises Project 365(3) Day 324

How to Succeed

Whether you are of the New Year’s Resolution crowd or, like me, the just-whenever-it-happened Resolution crowd, you are probably wondering the same thing as everyone else: How the heck do I make it stick?! Never fear, the Skinny Girl is here! That’s right, I am in possession of the answer to the question that is as old as the concept of the turn of the year itself. Well…for food, at least. If you made a resolution other than eating healthy, I guess you could try Google. As those now not-so-hopefuls that came here thinking they found the answer to sticking to their resolution of raising prize chickens exit the building, those of us still here about food can settle in and get comfy. (more…)

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Organic food mela

Image by Hari Prasad Nadig via Flickr

Healthy Foods

I feel like I am ready for the next step in my evolution. I started off eating less, which was a pretty big step for me, but wasn’t quite ready to devote myself to healthier choices. I mean, there are some foods that I have been with for a while and, just like a junior high girl with her first boyfriend, I had no idea how to live my life without them. (More on that to come…) But now I feel like I could start severing the connection. So, the next step is to find healthy recipes. I began looking online (searching “healthy” and “easy,” of course) as well as asking around. A lady I work with told me about a website that had many healthy and easy recipes, so I duly checked it out. I noticed that they were saying a lot about organic foods and them being the best way to go. Being that I was still in the middle of my love affair with frozen taquitos and had no intention of giving them up until recently, I have been woefully unaware of what’s going on in the world of healthy foods. So I realized that I had to look into this “organic food” business. (more…)

January 14, 2012 at 7:33 am 3 comments

Impassioned Soul

Mumford & Sons

I have begun a new love affair with the band Mumford & Sons. Seriously, I just heard about them. And of course everyone I talk to about them is like, “Oh, yeah. They’re awesome,” in a I’ve-like-them-for-ages kind of way. I’m thinking, “Where have I been?!” But, better late than never, I say, so I have jumped wholeheartedly on the Mumford train. One thing I love about their songs is that I feel so inspired to be a better person when I am listening to them. There is one that is especially getting me right now: “Roll Away Your Stone.” It is all about reclaiming your passion for life. I know, passion is  heady subject for a Monday, but bear with me. (more…)

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